Sunday, August 31, 2014

Are we ready for some sites?

Daytona Beach FL
Daytona Speedway
Cape Girardeau - Bill Emerson bridge
Kanas flatlands
Love lands Pass
Love lands Pass

Tacoma Washington - Mt Rainier

OK………. We are getting CLOSE – Bill Wood has began to layout his updates on the AMCA Website
Be sure and go there and see the NEW map display with all of our stops listed – His site will be a daily update you will want to see everyday!!
He is riding on a support vehicle and will be right in the middle of everything Cannonball…..

Felica Morgan will be updating the official website –
She plans to post the daily mileage scores so you will be able to track each rider by the miles he or she completed each day.
Felica also is deeply involved with the interworking of the Cannonball event.
The route and stops are also listed there

If you are on Facebook, there is a Facebook Cannonball Motorcycle page – Many riders have been updating their status there.

Daytona will be cooking next week – Keep following……..

Final days until we leave for Daytona

We are in our final days before leaving for Daytona Beach Florida. Team CCM has riders and crew from Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, Mississippi, Illinois, and the UK. Everyone is beginning to make their way toward the starting line. Spoke with Jon Neuman (rider #99) yesterday and he said his bike is partial dis-assembled?? Not sure how much!! They will begin toward Florida with Greg McFarland (rider #73) and crew members Jesse Law and Shelby Withrow. Then, there is Buck Carson (rider #3) who is teasing us right down to the last minute! His transmission was out on the bench last last night! They leave for Daytona tomorrow. Our crew chief, Steve Norton and Ian Brown leave the UK in a few days and fly into Orlando, where Mike and Buck Carson will pick them up. Brent Mayfield, (rider #77) is tweaking out final details. he and Bob Huffman will leave Ohio and arrive in Daytona on Wednesday. My great friends, Mark Cantrell and Willard Gargis are going to take David Lloyd, (rider #54) to Daytona. We will leave on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. Scott Byrd (rider #25) will fly to Daytona Wednesday with his wife, Leslie. Steve Simpson, (rider #6) will already be in Florida waiting for us to all arrive. Mike Carson, (rider #90) and Theresa Prosser will also arrive in Daytona on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

When we all 16 come together in Daytona, the first order of business, Team captain, Mike "GLT" Carson has called a group team meeting. We have rented a conference room for Wednesday night.

Thursday is registration, Tech inspection for all motorcycles, and even a 30 mile optional test map ride. They will offer a 30 mile route ride so the Cannonball rider can practice using the roll route sheet before using it for the next 16 days.

Also on Thursday, we get to ride around the Daytona track on our Cannonball motorcycle and have a photo taken. Our 8 rider CCM team will hear more about our plans for this event at the meeting Wednesday night.

BIG Day - Friday morning will include a panoramic photo of the entire 100+ field of motorcycles on the sands of Daytona Beach - (Remember team, Lonnie instructed us to have a kickstand plate for our bikes on the beach) Late start time on the opening day - 10am departure to our 1st city stop - Less that 150 miles to Lake City Florida.

Plan to follow along as we invite you inside (just like a fly on the wall) to Team CCM - 8 riders and 8 crew, as we travel 4100 miles on the Worlds Greatest Antique Motorcycle event of 2014


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Welcome to a Journey across America – You have signed up to see and hear a daily update of the 2014 Cannonball Motorcycle endurance run, from the perspective of team Carson Classic Motors. Our team of 8 riders and 8 crew members will leave Daytona Beach FL on September 5th, 2014 (16 days) and travel 17 days to reach Tacoma, WA on September 21, 2014. Nearly 100 people have signed in to receive these updates. Leave me begin by thanking each one of you personally, for you help, time, resources, prayers, and encouragement. I am so honored to have the opportunity to participate in this epic event!

Let me start with some introductions to the actual Team riders and Crew: Team Carson Classic Motors, from Livingston, Texas, know as CCM, will host 8 riders in the event.

 Carson Classic Motors is pleased to announce their participation in the “Hardest Motorcycle Race in the World,” the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run. During the 17 day, 4,200 mile race from Florida to Washington, eight riders will represent the Carson Classic Motors team against a field of close to 100 other competitors from 11 countries on pre-1937 motorcycles. Team CCM will field eight Harley Davidson motorcycles, ranging from 1919 to 1936 and they are:

#3 Buck Carson 1936 R                        Texas
#6 Steve Simpson 1928 JD                     Kansas/Florida
#25 Scott Byrd 1931 V                          Arkansas
#54 David Lloyd 1919 J                         Mississippi
#73 Greg McFarland 1926 J                  Texas
#77 Brent Mayfield 1934 VJ                  Ohio
#90 Mike Carson 1924 J                        Texas   J or JE
#99 Jon Neuman 1928 JD                      Texas

Support Team
Steve Norton Crew Chief                       England
Jesse Law, JD/VL Mechanic                  Texas
David King  Driver                                 Illinois
Shelby Withrow, Driver/Machinist          Texas
Bob Huffman                                         Ohio
Theresa Prosser                                     Texas
Paul Esler                                              Texas
Ivan Brown                                            England

There will be several ways to follow the 2014 Cannonball:

This Update e-mail will be written from the perspective eyes looking at team CCM – It will be written daily about what is actually happening within the Day to Day operations of what we are facing.

Bill Wood – Editor or the AMCA – (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) will be narrating his story from inside the Cannonball event – He will be riding in the support staff and see a bigger picture concerning the 2014 Cannonball Run – Keep his website on your radar, because you will want to hear want he is seeing each day.
There will be a link on the right side of the website, under the News section – watch for that!!

Felica Morgan - Media Relations – will be writing daily on the official Cannonball website – She also is riding with-in the actual event and will update on the website.
She will have some sort of link to a daily story

Greg McFarland – Rider #73 – Webmaster for the Cheokee AMCA chapter – He will have updates sent to the club website blog.
Greg plans to upload pictures to the blog – Keep up with this link also

Now I have given you the tools to follow this event from several different angles – Sit in the comfort of your computer chair and follow us across America!!!


David Lloyd – rider #54
Team CCM – 2014 Cannonball Motorcycle Run
August 21, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Modern Air Filter – Seat Back rest – Removable rear fender flap

Paul Kosma tackled 3 upgrades to my 1919 Cannonball Motorcycle – I had been studying how to install a modern style air filter, which would also help me if we run into rain and bad weather. The factory design was NO Filter, just a scoop style diverter housing. Paul made me a custom intake pipe with a 4 screw flange, which fits my M18 Linkert carburetor. It uses a K&N 3 inch X 3inch Filter with a 1.75 inch flange.

Next, Paul designed a back rest that would bolt on my Messinger seat frame without altering any of the original framework. We used a late model back rest pad from my 2006 Street Glide.

Last, Paul cut about 7 inches of my rear fender off and fabricated a flap with nuts welded on the underside. With 3 bolts, I can remove the lower part of the rear fender and the rear tire rolls out easily when the bike is on the rear stand. That alone will cut my rear wheel removal time in half 


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

300 mile test day

My next trip was planned out as a 300 mile test ride – This would give me the experience to see what 300 miles in 1 day would feel like – I spent the Friday prepping the motorcycle for the trip. We left Olive Branch Saturday morning at 9:15 am. This trip had only 1 back up “Wing Man” Mark Cantrell rode with me on this test run. We followed highway 57 to Pickwick Lake, then to Cherokee Alabama. Then we got on the Natchez Trace for 75 miles to Tupelo Ms. We ate lunch at O’Charlie’s in Tupelo. Then we followed highway 6 across to Oxford, crossing highway 7, north to Holly Springs, then on to Olive Branch, Mississippi. That total trip was 325 miles – We arrived back home around 5:30 pm

2 Day Mississippi MINI-Ball Test Run

I put together 2 different test run trips for my 1919 Cannonball Motorcycle, before the start of the actual event in September. My first trip planned, was a 2 day trip around Mississippi. I mapped out a 500 mile circle; place an overnight stop point in the middle.

Lisa & Kimberly about to run down the road together
I invited a few close friends to join me. Mark Cantrell, Willard Gargis, Ed Dacus, Shane Dorton, Roxanne Spencer, Bob Kenney, Les Cooper and CCM Cannonball Riders #25 Scott Byrd and #54 David Lloyd signed on and the 2 Day Mississippi MINI Ball was on. We left out of Olive Branch Mississippi on Friday morning, around 10 am, after breakfast at Hazel’s restaurant. We rode down Old Highway 78 to Holly Springs. Fellow Confederate Chapter member, Pat Jones rode his Honda Dream critter bike with the group on that first leg of the journey. After running through the Holly Springs National Park, we cut across to Oxford. After that, we cut back across to Pontotoc. Down to Houston Mississippi for lunch, then we went south to Sturgis Mississippi. I had pre-arranged a museum visit at Craig Vech’s BMW motorcycle shop / museum Friday afternoon. Vech showed us around his shop, museum and parts department. When we left his place, we spent the night in Louisville, Mississippi.
Early the next morning, we left Louisville, heading to Clarksdale Mississippi, to meet a couple more friends for lunch and continue home. We met Johnny Whitsett and Bill Walters at the famous Abe’s BaqbQ, located at the Crossroads in Clarksdale MS.

Nice looking Spark plugs after 220 miles

Vech's Museum in Sturgis, Mississippi

When we arrived back in Olive Branch, we had traveled 460 miles over 2 days –

AMCA Texas Road Run – Kerrville Texas - April 2014

This year in April of 2014, several of the Carson Classic Motors 2014 Cannonball Riders decided to attend the AMCA Texas Road Run in Kerrville Texas. Jon Neuman (Numo) headed up the event. Not only was Jon a CCM rider, he also took on the responsibility of leading the way for a national Road Run. Anyone with any aptitude understands the enormous task to pull off a successful Road Run – Jon had a Great team of Cherokee club members who jumped right in and help tow the load. Top that off with Mr. “Master of Ceremonies” himself, Steve Klein, and then bring nearly 150 antique motorcycles to Kerrville Texas and you have what goes down in history as one of the most organized Road Runs ever!

Mike & Buck Carson, Jon Neuman, Greg McFarland, and myself, 5 of the 8 CCM 2014 Cannonball riders, along with several Confederate Chapter members enjoyed this weekend of Texas Hill Country. We used this event as a test train for our Cannonball machines.

I had just re-installed my motor from a 1,000 mile inspection – My 1919 Harley ran very good that weekend and logged just under 500 total miles. I also got to experience some roadside repairs. On the first day of the road run, my rear brake backing plate was rubbing the edge of the drum and causing the rear wheel to drag. Mark Cantrell helped me pull the rear wheel, while we were at a gas station fuel stop and I place a thin shim washer inside the drum, which gave me another .004 clearance of the drum and backing plate. The motorcycle ran great the remainder of that day.

Buck gets close to the Ground

Mike Carson - What he calls a POWER NAP!
I rose early on day 2 and went out to prep and maintain the motorcycle for another day of riding. I have a check sheet of items to check off when going over the motorcycle. One thing I noticed, was my back tire was slightly low on air – I had been running 34 lbs in both tires and the rear tire was 28 that morning. I pumped the tire up to 34 and began our day two of the Texas Road Run. At lunch that day, I checked the tire pressure and saw it down to 31 psi. I knew there had to be some sort of very slow leak, and realized pulling the rear wheel again that night was probable. That was about 1pm, so getting back to the hotel seemed a safe bet. Around 3pm, I began to feel the bike getting loose in the rear. We pulled into another gas station and when I saw the rear wheel, I realized the leak had become larger – It was flat. I was riding with Calvin Burnett and Peter Guldan that day. As you can see from my past post, Calvin has been deeply involved with the preparations of this bike and the path of getting her ready for the Cannonball. He also has challenged me to plan my spare parts and tools for a run like this – I will never forget Calvin’s response when we surveyed the options. We were only about 20 minutes from finishing day 2, we were clearly ahead of the sweep trailer – The easy route would be, call the sweep trailer and get it back to the hotel and fix the rear tire so that I would be ready for day 3.
This Carson Bunch sure like to nap on the side of the Road?

I was in full Cannonball mentally – Calvin asked me these questions:

Well, do you have a spare inter-tube with you? I said, yes

Do you have the needed tools to change the tire here? I said, yes

Do you have an air pump? I said, yes

Then he said, “Crap”, let’s do it here

It took us about 45 minutes to 1 hour to completely pull the wheel, break it down, put the new tube in and re-install – One of the things that made it harder, the rear fender is a fixed fender with no hinge. Getting the rear wheel out is a bit tricky, because you have to lean the bike over on the side and wedge the wheel out – You will see in a later post how I address this issue.
This Texas test run gave me some “hands on” road repair time, so that the concept “Ride, Wrench, Repeat” could be fully experienced!

A couple of OLD Timers

Bike Line up with Texas Hill Country as the Back Drop

Little rest Stop!! - MIKE, you are standing too close to Buck!!

2014 Confederate Chapter 5th Annual Scooter ride

Our Confederate Chapter puts on an annual Club Scooter ride each spring. This year’s ride was our 5thannual Scooter ride – We had around 100 scooters. My Grandson, Zeke has ridden several rides with me. This year, we woke up to rain and chilly wind. After Breakfast, the skies slightly cleared, and we took off to see if the thunder clouds could be dodged.

Here are a few GoPro Videos

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ever Boiled Diamond Chains in STP?

Another great friend, Paul Kosma, who is helping me with tons of tricks asked me the other day if I have ever heard of boiling my chains in STP? Of course, I had never heard of that. He told me it was an old trick the dragbike racers used, back in the older days. Paul said, racers could get about 2 passes on a drive chain before replacing them. When they boiled them, they could get 10 to 12 passes. Sounded good to me. You put all of your chains in a steel pan and pour STP over them and cook them. As I did this, I saw little air bubbles coming from all the chains as the fish cooker got the oil hot. After about 30 minutes, I cut the heat off and let the chains soak over night and cool down. The STP get thin and soaks inside the chains. After it cools, it returns to a thick, thick grease. I hung the chains up and pulled all the excess lube off of the chains and packaged them in plastic bags and labeled them each.